Rehearsals have begun!

Read Through
Read Through

The cast gathering for the 1st time.

After all the business matters of the musical are sorted out, the eager cast of Merritt Island High School’s 2016 production of   “How to Succeed in Business Without  Really Trying” sits down to their first read through of the show. You could fill the excitement in the air as the actors take to their new roles.

Although, it may have been their first time reading the script as their characters the actors molded right away to the traits and mannerisms of who they were playing. Such as many conforming to the 1950’s and 1960’s style of speaking or putting their own creative spin and flare to the character that completes it.

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Rosemary going over her lines.

What is also buzzing through the casts’ minds are the ambitions and nerves of something the theatre department has not done before on such a large scale. That is student involvement, many students are tossing their artistic hats into the ring. Whether it be through choreography, costuming, or the building of the beautiful sets the students are not only putting their sweat and hearts into the musical they are investing their minds.


Mikaela, one of the three student choreographers!

So, we anxiously await while the musical comes together through dance rehearsals and the struggle to find the perfect costumes. This musical should be marked on your  calendar due to its satirical humor of the ways of the 50’s-60’s time period and living in a “Man on top” world where the women cater the men’s needs. As well as the fact that the Merritt Island High School Theatre Arts program will be entering into the prestigious Applause Awards put on by the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando. An awards program that is like the Tony awards for the students in the surrounding counties.

Since day one the cast meshed together as a “family,” all eager to put their dedication, heart, and talent into “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying”. Mark your calendars today for a truly spectacular show, April 15th -17th, tickets will be $10.00 for all.


April 15th at 7:00 PM

April 16th at 2 and 7:00 PM

April 17th at 2:00 PM

Merritt Island High School

100 Mustang Way

Merritt Island FL, 32953

Written by cast member Kayla Protze

Not Just Company by Nicole Ramos (Mrs. Darling)

Company Rehearsal

Many of you know the term “Company” or “chorus”. In theater it usually means anyone who doesn’t have a lead type role in the show. Most of the cast of Peter Pan is considered as company. Some might say, “Better luck next time!”, but I, myself, find being a part of the company is almost better then being in a lead role. The main reason why, is because as a member of the company you get to play so many different types of characters, from hyper, depressed,  or maybe you even get to play a small child. As a lead role, you own one personality that you have to portray for a good sum of two hours.  As part of the company, every time you enter the stage you are someone different, a new personality.


Now, being a company member is important. Every show needs a company of supporting actors to make the show an actual solid show. Lead actors aren’t able to hold a show together; they can’t play every character plus their own. It would drive them absolutely mad. The company is there to fill in the minor characters and to create a real life feeling to a show. The company of our show is a fantastic one, everyone is committed and so very talented and it is starting to show with the rehearsals we have been having so far. In my opinion, every company member is also a lead character.