The cast of 12 Angry Jurors have begun their rehearsals!


On Thursday, we all were waiting for that final bell to ring, all because we couldn’t wait to start the long, tedious but fun and exciting process of rehearsing  for 12 Angry Jurors!


1st Read Through!
Juror number 3 is ready to pounce on anyone stating that the teen on trial is “not guilty.”

The cast has been set and now it was time for the first read through, one of my favorite times. The 13 students we have picked to portray the very demanding and detailed characters are students from all different realms of the school. We have some very experienced actors who have been involved in the program a couple of years, to students who have never done a show before. Students in the cast are athletes, student government members, work part time jobs, new to the school, or have been involved in the program before. It is important that these students grasp the diversity of the characters and realize how the differences cause the drama and strain between the characters. So, with our very diverse cast of students, we are excited to begin the rehearsal process.

My technical director, stage manager and I were excited to have 35 students audition for the show and it was a hard decision, but when it came down to it, these 13 students fit the needs of the parts the best. We couldn’t be happier with the cast and are very excited to show our public this poinant and “truth of the matter” show.


Please help us in congratulating these students:

Jurors 9 and 10

Jurors 9 and 10

J1- Brandon S.

J2- Tyler R.

J3- Travis P.

J4- Alida W.

J5- Robert W.

J6- Zach R.

J7- Jordan M.

J8- Ian J.

J9- Cassie F.

J10- Scott C.

J11- Farrah  S.

J12- Paul B.

Guard- Roman P.


Don’t forget to join us !

November 21st at 7 PM,

November 22nd at 7 PM

November 23rd at 2 PM.


Please remember this show is PG-13, as it deals with some heavy material not suitable for younger children.