We know that we are no different than many other public school theatre programs, there is no funding from the school or board. So, whenever we want to put on a huge production, we have to raise every penny. The students know that they are required to help with the many fundraisers set up for them to raise the needed funds. We live on the theory that “every penny counts, and it gets us even closer to our goal.”

We are always looking for business or individuals who want to support our department, if you are interested in helping, please email director, Jenora Duprey at  We will add names and /or logos in our show programs, and can highlight your company’s website on our sponsor page.

Or, if you would like to just send a donation to the program, you can send it to : MIHS Theatre Arts Department  100 East Mustang Way  Merritt Island FL 32953.

The students of M.I are willing to work hard for the success of their show, and we will sell as many pieces of candy, tubs of cookie dough, bags of pasta, etc. to make the money we need, but we would love your support!!

If you would like to sponsor us, or send a donation, please print out this form:

MIHS Theatre Art’s 

                                                Sponsorship Opportunities:                

                                                   Opening night          $1,000+

                                                     Dress rehearsal      $500

                                                     Encore                     $250

                                                     Play                          $100

                                                     One Act                   $50

                                                     Actor                       $25


I want to be a _________________________________________________ sponsor. I have enclosed my

Check for _____________________ made out to Merritt Island High Theatre Arts program.

Name _____________________________   Business name _______________________________________

Address ________________________________City _____________________State _____ Zip __________


__ I have included my Ad/ Business card to be printed in the program

__ I would just like my Name/ Business Name to be mentioned in the program

__ I would like my website _________________________________ to also be put on the Sponsor Page.

__ I would like to remain anonymous


In lieu of a momentary donation, I would like to give this donation/gift card


______________________________________________________________as a gift for the Theatre Arts department to use in a raffle basket.


Jenora Duprey

100 East Mustang Way

Merritt Island, FL 32953


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