The Shakespeare Boys are hard at work!

Shakespeare Abridged!

It may be winter break for all of the students and faculty of Merritt Island High, but for three boys it is work time. Over the break, the three actors of Shakespeare Abridged will be studying their lines, working on their blocking and getting ready to hit the ground running when they return on Tuesday the 7th! These three actors are Nim Esperon, Noah Necaise, and Robert Williams, all three were perfect for their roles and are excited to get their “Shakespeare on.” We hope you join us for this very funny rendition of Shakespeare’s shows, from Romeo and Juliet, to Othello(done as a rap) and to Hamlet, as the boys play all of the roles and sometimes even do it backwards! Shakespeare Abridged!

This show is being directed by two very qualified student directors, Payton Wolff and Kelly Thomas, Mrs. Duprey has placed her faith in these two girls to direct a quality production and they are doing a wonderful job with it!


Please note the show is PG-13, as Shakespeare does have a few situations that may not be appropriate for all.

Last Week of Rehearsals!


The cast and crew are beyond excited to start this week of rehearsals and to get to Friday night’s opening performance!  We work on our set, for the first time, and add all of the technical elements to make a completed and full production. There is something to be said about the magic of  tech week!

We hope you will join us this weekend, don’t forget to reserve your tickets!

Rehearsal Pictures:

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Rehearsals Are Almost Done!

We officially have less than two weeks left of rehearsals; then it is time to show our community all of our hard work, and we can’t wait.

We have a beautiful 700 seat theater on our campus, but we only get 4 days on the stage to actually rehearse and put the technical elements all together.

Our set, till the week of the show.

Our set, till the week of the show.

Other community groups and schools rent out the theater, so we always rehearse in the drama room.  Our technical crew comes in to tape out the set, and we use the taped out set as a rehearsal space.

So, as any group would get excited, we can not wait to get onto our real set and start adding all of the  elements of this show together, everything from the sound effects to the snow!

The next two weeks are going to be long nights, and lots of hard work, but also very exciting for the cast and crew of A Christmas Story.

We work hard but we also like to have fun- check this video out from one of our earlier rehearsals, where Kelly, the actor playing Randy, has food in her bowl for the first time and all of the other actors are having a good time with it.  IMG_4057

Props and Costumes are coming in!

It is always an exciting time when the show starts to come together, but when the props and costumes start coming in, it’s a whole new kind of excitement! The cast always has a blast trying on their costumes and using the props to explore their scenes on a deeper level. Pink BunnyphotoThis show is no different, but even more exciting because of the well known and iconic props/ costumes that come from the movie. The cast was thrilled to receive their leg lamp and bunny costume!


District Individual Event Assessment 2013!

The sign in the tally room showing the Best of show sound design!

The sign in the tally room showing the Best of show sound design!

photo copy 6On Saturday, October 19th, the MIHS Thespians participated in the District 11 Individual Event Assessment. Troupe 2071 came away with many wonderful scores and one very proud director! Students are able to perform in all kinds of theatrical categories in hopes to winning a bid to the FL state Thespian Festival in the spring, a week long assessment where they will be scored by professionals in their fields, ability to take intense workshops and watch some of the best theatre happening in the wonderful state of FL. Every year Tampa is invaded by almost 8,000 theatre art students, the biggest Thespian festival in the world. Every student wants to get a shot at making it to state, but only those who come away at districts with superiors, are allowed to be considered for the 5 performances a  teacher can bring.

MIHS sent 17 performances to the district level and walked away with 12 superiors, and 5 excellents.  Out of those superiors, we had 2 runner ups for best of shows in ensemble acting and student directing, and 2 best of shows in sound design and monologues. Out of all the 1,000 students who were assessed, these students were chosen as being the best of their rooms.  We walked away  being very proud and knowing that all of the handwork and talent showed that day.

WAY TO GO M.I.H.S Theatre students!

A New Season- Another great Year!


The M.I.H.S Theatre Arts Department will be starting off the 2013-2014 season with the classic Christmas movie,  

A Christmas Story! 

Watch the MIHS Theatre Arts department bring this classic movie to life. 

A-CHRISTMAS-STORY This year, there’s a gift that Ralphie wants more than anything in the world – a Red Ryder 200-Shot Carbine Action Range Model Air Rifle – but his parents don’t seem to think it’s such a good idea. His mother warns him, “You’ll shoot your eye out,” and his father is too busy tinkering with the family’s furnace and evading the dogs from next door to pay much attention. Ralphie decides to wage a three-pronged campaign for the Christmas gift of his dreams. On the home front, he bombards his parents’ mail and magazines with Red Ryder advertisements. On the school front, he toils over a particular assignment that he’s sure will convince his teacher, Miss Shields, to take up his cause. Finally, he visits the local department store, nervously hoping that Santa will endorse his wish. Ralphie and his friends make every effort to be on their very best behavior in order to impress the adults who wield power over their Christmas destinies, but staying out of trouble isn’t always as easy as it should be; sometimes it’s hard to avoid giving into a dare or uttering a curse word. As Christmas draws closer, Ralphie gets increasingly anxious about what surprises (either good or bad) the holiday season will bring.

Deluxe Lit Leg LampNovember 22nd at 7 PM

November 23rd at 2 and 7 PM

November 24th at 2 PM

All tickets are the same price of $8.00 

Tickets will be able to be reserved online soon, or bought at the door an hour before the show and doors to sit in the theatre usually open a half an hour before the show time.

“Break A Leg” Wish from The Writer!

photo (2)

Yesterday, I was surprised to find an envelope from England in my mailbox. To my surprise, it was a handwritten note from the writer, Piers Chater Robinson! It is so nice to receive a unique item like this from the writer, and to think that he took the time to do this for my cast and crew. I am sure he does this for everyone that pays royalties on his show, but it was a great surprise and nice treat to share with my students. In my ten years of teaching, this was a (2)

Small things like this keep the morale of the cast and crew going, it makes them excited and their enthusiasm becomes evident in their performances. This week is hard and grueling where there is a lot of stop and go work to be done, but in the end it is all worth it. I try to keep the week focused and straight forward, but I also like to throw a bit of fun in for the kids. We do a grab box of random items, and when a kid does something really good, that I want to point out, I let them go in the grab box. Some of them come out with a piece of candy, others come out with a random toy, and it is always fun to see them get excited when I call their name. These small, but fun things, keep us going through the long and tedious week.

Be sure to get your tickets!! We have about 150 reservations per show already in!!