Congratulations to the cast of Peter Pan!

Congratulations to the Cast of Peter Pan! 

Peter Pan- Caitlin Reedy

Wendy- Emily Fischer

John- Justin Radlein

Michael- Kelly Thomas

Mr. Darling/ Captain Hook- Dillon Giles

Mrs. Darling/ Singing Bull- Nicole Ramos

Liza/ Indian- Olivia Clack

Lost Boys-

Tootles-          Noah Necaise

Nibs-              Joshua Stevens

Twin 1-           Danielle Delapasqua

Twin 2-           Jessica Delapasque

Cubby-            Savannah Walters

Curly-             Carly Grimison

Little Bit-       Cassie Fogarty

Patches-         Ariel Ho

Marbles-        Gabby Sanchez

Slightly-          Abbey Tomes

Pockets-          Megan McDede


Chief-                       Jonathan Davis

Tiger Lilly-              Rachel Baird

Dancer-                 Ashley Neal

Dancer-                Amanda Rigdon

Dancer-               Taylor Straney

Dancer-                Kari Kimmey

Cunning Fox-        Jason Radlein

Singing Bull-              Nicole Ramos

White Dove-             Jenni Hughes

Spirit Warrior-          Lilly Ingle

Grizzly Bear-            Shelby Fletcher

Lonesome Wind-       Emily Franz

Wise Racoon-         Kenzie Smowton

Turning Fish-              Austin Browning


Smee-                   Nim Esperon

Cecco-                  Shea Bibby

Cookson-               Austin Browning

Bill Jukes-            Patrick Coleman

Noodler-               Ashley Bradley

Starkey-                Jason Radlein

Skylights-             Jonathan Davis

Wench Selena-       Emmeline Menjoulet

Wench Sabrina-       Olivia Clack

Anchor-                Lauren Pentrack

Pirate-                   Abbey Conover

Nana-                    Jada Mallant


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  1. Heather Barringer says:

    Congrats to my girls in the play from the MIHS Dance Team! What a talented cast. This is a must see!

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